Rahama Ibrahim Sadau is a Nigerian actress, model, producer, director and television personality. She has appeared in numerous Hausa language films and a number of English language films, and earned numerous accolades – most recently crowned “Face of Kannywood” at the City People Entertainment Awards 2016. Rahama has a significant following in Africa and the Nigerian diaspora worldwide. She participates in charity and humanitarian work and mostly visits Internally Displaced People’s Camps regularly to offer support and aid. This is organised by her charitable initiative ”Ray of Hope”, which she launched in 2016 in addition to her work with Medicaid Cancer foundation.

Rahama is very ambitious and extremely disciplined. She has a very effective personal style and since her first appearance on screens, Rahama has worked tirelessly to build the “Rahama Sadau” brand and strives to serve as a role model for her fan base.