Rahma Abdulmajid Sharif was born in the city of Kano on 15 April 1980. She attended primary school in Agege, Lagos State and JNI Girls College, Zaria for her secondary education. Rahma proceeded to Jama’atu institute of Islamic and Arabic studies Zaria, Kaduna for a Diploma in Shari’a and civil law. She attended Al Azhar University Cairo, Egypt for her B.A History and Orientation from 2003 to 2007 .

From 1996 to date, Rahma A Majid has published over 30 Titles. She is also the author of Mace Mutum, (A Woman  is Human Too). At 520 pages, it is the longest Hausa novel ever written. She has also written six film scripts. Gudan jini (The Clot) is one of the bestselling films in Northern Nigeria and neighbouring countries. She is the current President of Mace Mutum Women Writers Association, a body of writers dedicated to writing stories in English and Hausa.