Pearl Osibu is a Nigerian writer and Editor. She has written for Mnet/Multichoice’s TV Series Tinsel, BBC drama series Story Story, and has a number of other shows, webseries and films to her credit. She presently writes and edits a ground breaking Africa Magic/Zuri24 media Telenovella, Battleground; She has also maintained weekly columns on Sabinews. Her ailing blog is named Fifty Shades of Me at

She attended film trainings at the Ford Foundation/Afrinolly Cinema for change, the Edinburgh school of Arts (EIFF) and the Africa Film festival. Her short stories and articles have appeared in Sentinel Literary e-zine, Saraba Literary e-zine, MTLS, Brittle Paper, K-Travelogue and a few other such fun places.

Fighter, Feminist, Humanist, yogi; she dabbles in fashion and styling. She loves people (which doesn’t necessarily mean ‘like’) and does not care for pets.

Pearl lives in Lagos, Nigeria. On Twitter, she’s @pearlosibu