Balaraba Ramat Yakubu is a prolific Nigerian Hausa writer with nine books to her name, a film producer and a gender activist. Born in 1958 in Kurawa Quarters of Kano city, she attended Jarkasa Primary School in the mid 1960s.

Much later after her marriage, she enrolled in various Adult Education Programs with Kano State Agency for Mass Education, Bauchi Adult and Non-Formal Education College, and has attended numerous Local, National and International seminars, workshops and conferences concerning literary art, women, children and population issues; the recent being the New York Film Academy Special Master Class Worship “Anatomy of a Scene” at the Embassy of the United States, Abuja, September, 2016 and Sabido Methodology of Education through Entertainment Training Workshop for Scriptwriters and Producers, organized by Population Media Center (PMC)-Nigeria, Abuja, July 8-12, 2016.

Her two books, Budurwar Zuciya and Wa Zai Auri Jahila? formed the MA thesis of Professor Novian Whitsitt, and another book, Alhaki Kuykuyo Ne  was recently translated into English  Sin is a Puppy… and published by Blaft Publications. As many as 70 studies have been conducted on her books at various levels of study from PhD, masters, bachelors, NCE and diploma. She has received several local and international awards and recognition for her contribution to humanity. She produced three Hausa movies as Executive Producer: INA SON SA HAKA; …SAI A LAHIRA, and the forthcoming JUYIN SARAUTA!

She works for Murtala Muhammed Foundation as Director of the Murtala Muhammed Center for Trauma Counseling, Kano, Nigeria. She has five children and nine grandchildren.