Wana Udobang is a journalist, poet and filmmaker who works at the intersection of women’s rights, social justice, personal narratives, and culture. She has worked with the BBC Radio4,  BBC World Service and Nigeria’s Inspiration 92.3 FM . Her work has appeared on Aljazeera, The Guardian, Africa Report, OzyIndex on Censorship, News Deeply,Yahoo and Brittle Paper. In 2016 she was long listed for the One World Media award in the Women’s rights in Africa award category. She is a recipient of the International Reporting Project(IRP) Fellowship, IWMF Great Lakes Reporting Fellowship, the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Fellowship in Cultural Journalism, and the Religion News Foundation grant.

Her work as a poet has been featured at the British Library’s Word, Symbol and Song exhibition. She has two poetry albums. The first titled Dirty Laundry  and her current album In memory of forgetting exploring trauma, brokenness and self-renewal.

Her documentary works include; Sensitive Skin a documentary film on Psoriasis, Nylon a short documentary on grief and the docu-series Warriors exploring the lives of people with sickle cell disease. She is creator of the interview series Culture Diaries